After the end of final exams, Year 12 students can look forward to week-long celebrations full of fun and revelry. Schoolies Week is a tradition that students from every corner of Australia eagerly anticipate. Schoolies celebrations usually take place during the first three weeks following graduation in mid-November.

Schoolies actually began on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1979. The Broadbeach Hotel was the main meeting place. Students from all over Australia flocked to the Gold Coast to join the celebration. Since then, the tradition has spread to other popular tourist destinations around the country such as the Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Byron Bay, Perth and more. The Gold Coast Schoolies continues to be a popular choice among leavers.

Schoolies Week has become a cultural rite of passage. It marks a transitional period from youth to adulthood, a symbolic passage from school discipline to freedom. The most enduring schoolies tradition is probably the run down the beach and dive into the ocean, a plunge that signals the freedom that is the spirit of schoolies.

So what happens during Schoolies Week? School leavers get to party at the trendiest clubs. There are tons of activities including concerts, dances and parties. School leavers can hang out with their friends and classmates and make the most of their time together before they go their separate ways. School leavers can also meet other students from different parts of Australia. Schoolies gives students the chance to interact with teens they might not normally meet.

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